My Experience With Angels

First, I do not know,
I’m speaking to your eyes
there is no such person to say aye
as I know there is person infront of me,
as such I spoke to him

That’s why they say I’m mad
to him that I met
between exist and non-exist
non-exist is to you, exist to me

Wearing perfect robes
with clear words
some are with codes
‘at a distance of two bow-lengths
or nearer’ to my eyebrows

His words are guidance
like a friend and a lovely person,
for future missions
solving problems
– past, future and present

Some gave me his name
Orso that is my friend
– the chief of communications

Angels are lights
satans are genies.

Angels are more powerful
than satans,
if one meets angels,
ask him to show the proofs.

Friends! Control your minds,
you need to differentiate which end;
satanic or angelic disguise
for that you will be despise.

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