Dialogues: Logic And Abstract

Place: A Mad Poet
Time: Infinity

Logic: Where is your home, Abstract?
Abstract: My home just next to you, on the left brain.
Logic: Well, seemingly you know me better than I know you.

Logic: I gave birth to the world many philosophers and scientists.
What are your contributions to the humans and civilisations?
Abstract: You forgot to mention that atheists are also your children. Me borned many believers and cultivators of human souls.

Abstract: Most, my followers from the East and yours from the West.
Logic: Did you say that I’m useless?
Abstract: We need to be friends forever, lest without you peoples of the East are in madness. Without me peoples in the West are arrogant and forget where they come from and where they will go.

Logic: You are full of absurdities and me blessed with many inventions and innovations in this World.
Abstract: You must know that as Popper once said you are only truth if passed the test of ‘falsifiability’. Should you fail this simple test peoples will curse you for your whole life even your dead body became ashes.

Should we open our head
there are two parts of brain in forehead
We must rely on these two breaks
to achieve balanced thoughts and reads

No we’re not unbalanced thinkers
as we will become leakers
in Truth we are seekers
neither East nor West are strangers

A perfect human uses his two minds
when he does all things, at all times;
Logic can’t live alone,
Abstract shall not be burnt!

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